The Quality Leadership team has achieved measurable results for their customers in:

  • Kaizen - Lean - Certification
  • Six Sigma Black Belt Certification
  • The Dynamics of Creative Problem Solving
  • The Dynamics of Supervision
  • Customer Delight
  • Strategic Personal Performance
  • The Dynamics of Effective Coaching
  • Professional Operator Skills Training
  • Effective Project Management
  • Successful Sales and Marketing
  • Strategic Business Plans and Performance Systems for Growth Companies
  • Organizational Development and Learning Systems for Improved People Performance
  • Human Capital Due Diligence
  • Team-based Performance Bonus Programs
  • Gaining Global Competitiveness with ISO 9000 international standards and certification
  • Turnaround Strategies for Success
  • The Dynamics of Leadership
  • The Dynamics of Management
  • Visioning and Total Quality Principles
  • The Dynamics of Communication
  • Dynamics of Advanced Adult Learning
  • The Management Breakthrough Strategy
  • Organizational Assessments
  • Personal Performance Assessments
  • Strategic Execution Using Strategy Maps and Success Scorecards
  • Empowered Value Added Teams
  • Healthcare Systems
  • Risk-based Thinking Methodologies

Each proven, practical and profitable system comes a Customer Delight Service Agreement based on the company's commitment to the goals. Examples of goals achieved within value streams include:

  • Total quality systems approach to link value streams into company processes and accounting systems. Including certification to the ISO quality series.
  • Integration of existing processes to ensure smooth entry and exit points.
  • Capabilities to resolve recurring systematic problems - opportunities.
  • Increased velocity of skills, knowledge, money and ROI’s.
  • Performance alignment to critical strategic business plans and goals.
  • Performance goals and accounting metrics to confirm the improvements.
  • Successful case studies based on achievements and international benchmarks.
  • Experienced hands on people that get results while improving your business.
  • Practical work-related assignments that confirm competency improvements.
  • Advanced adult learning for rapid application and retention.

What this really means to our customers, is the ability to achieve goals important to them; while, improving current processes and proven ways to encourage people to accept the improvements, strengthen the culture and celebrate the gains.

Brief descriptions of our most popular programs and processes are presented below:

Dynamics of Performance Coaching and Mentoring for Executive, Senior Managers, Supervisors and Team Leaders. This process successfully helps leaders improve their performance and increase their teams’ effectiveness at achieving measurable results.

Dynamic of Quality Systems focuses on the successful achievement of ISO 9000 international series. This proven lean process incorporates advanced quality planning tools aligned to business plans and lean-sigma programs.

Dynamics of Quality Leadership & Management focuses on how to help leaders and managers improve the quality of their skills and abilities to achieve improved people and process improvements. It includes advanced adult learning principles and a powerful leadership and management maturity performance continuum within valid assessments.

Kaizen – Lean and Sigma 6 Certification are very successful continuous improvement methodologies that consistently win service and recognition awards from our delighted customers.

Strategic Business and Personal Performance that uses state of the art assessment tools to help companies bridge the performance gap between what people are capable of achieving with what companies need them to achieve.

Strategic Business Turnaround is a total system to move businesses to new thresholds while addressing critical problem and improvement areas. It includes the powerful dynamics of Strategy Maps, Performance Scorecards and SMART Goals Action Trackers. Team performance bonus programs contributes to long term success.

Performance Team Development designed to help companies successfully develop a team culture based on principles, standards, achievable metrics and high performance characteristics. It also includes advanced adult learning principles and a powerful team maturity performance continuum and performance bonus plans that work.

The Dynamics of Creative Problem-Solving and Risk-Based Thinking is proven to find and solve recurring problems and new opportunities. The process uses a Keep It Simple SMART approach to gain some immediate results; while, eliminating root causes to recurring problems.

Dynamics of Communication and Engagement that solves the number one problem of companies today: how to invite effectively everyone’s participation in successfully running their business and contributing timely skills, knowledge and results.

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