Quality Leadership is celebrating 30 years delighting our customers with measurable results in people performance, productivity and cost savings. Helping to achieve Results That Matter Most™. It is a team of hands-on experienced professionals.

Our uniqueness is our dedication to total Customer Delight and the capabilities to help companies achieve significant people and process performance improvements with our award winning processes: ISO & TS series quality systems; leadership & management systems; strategic business growth; learning systems; human capital effectiveness; performance coaching; organizational development; teaming; procurement methodologies; capital allocation; and advanced product development.

QLM Inc. is also Certified Private Educational Institute, Federal Ministry of Employment and Social Development and Ontario Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities. Certification # 7009/3088.

Some of our measurable results include:

  • Delighted customers that achieve ISO 9000 and TS 16949 Certifications, while improving in team performance, business strategies, lean-sigma processes, project management.
  • Performance coaching for strategic effectiveness, leadership and management systems that help improve skills and abilities achieving faster and longer lasting positive impact on the culture, people and financial success of the organization.
  • Successful reductions in hospital emergency department waiting times and general internal medicine processes; while, improving quality of the care, evidence based practices, team morale and patient / customer satisfaction.
  • Increase in gross sales from $20 million to $120 million over a 5-year period, while achieving a process and people productivity by 88%.
  • Multi-million dollar cost savings and reductions through proven procurement / purchasing and Accounts Receivable / Accounts Payable methodologies.
  • Assisting to grow or launch 775 businesses that have achieved growth and success over a 10-year period through The Enterprise Centre founded by Brian Walker. Some 75% are still in a business, which is 3 times the national average.
  • Successfully completing some 200 Kaizen – Lean or Sigma 6 projects with resulting average annualized improvements of about $250,000 per project.

You will be delighted with the measurable results!

Our customers confirm we are uniquely qualified to provide exceptional products, programs, processes and services because of our success at achieving goals with:

  • Our focus on results – whatever the purpose of the engagement, we never lose sight of the goals that matter most to our customers, such as: ISO certifications; proven risk based thinking; organizational development; people engagement; proven learning methodologies; increasing revenue; maximizing profits; reducing risk; and optimizing the future potential of the organization. Helping the organization find ways to run their business better, leaner and more cost effectively.
  • The ability to effectively diagnose and properly frame the context, scope and solutions to problems and opportunities – we are able to quickly and effectively understand your business and discriminate between the elements that will materially affect your performance and those that constitute non-value add for you and your customers.
  • World class methodologies and practices, deployed in the most practical, simple and effective ways possible – we bring state of the art tools, technology and techniques to your problem, while effectively applying them in an understandable and engaging way that enriches skills and capabilities.
  • Experienced and versatile people – our teams are proven business leaders who excel in their chosen fields, and are able to effectively deal with the broad range of issues that might arise. We roll up our sleeves and work with you to serve, while helping you to reach the desired outcomes.
  • Coaching and knowledge transfer – you can trust our engagements in a way that leaves your organization better for the experience; whether, that means providing new perspectives and insights to business leaders on dealing with human capital issues and leaving your staff more self reliant in advancing your goals.
  • Reliable and repeatable results – our methods and processes focus resources to deliver consistent superior results through our explicit learning methodologies, excellent standards and effective deployment of respective technology continuums.
  • The return on your investment – our services guarantee to provide value.

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